C EPM System Services

This appendix provides details about start menus, service names, and start and stop scripts for each Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System component.

Note that Start menu items for Java web applications are available only on the machine on which the web server is installed.

If you deploy components to a single managed server, the managed server name is EPMServerN , where N is 0 for the managed server, and 1 or higher if you scale out the single managed server.

You can monitor the health and performance of the EPM System Java web applications using Oracle Enterprise Manager, which is automatically deployed with EPM System Configurator if you deploy Java web applications with Oracle WebLogic Server. You can see the status of the servers and the Java web applications running, the servers they are running on, and the ports they are listening on. See "Using Enterprise Manager to Monitor EPM System Java Web Applications" in the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System Deployment Options Guide .