Updating RCU Schema Properties

Update RCU schema properties on each machine in your environment.

  1. Navigate to EPM_ORACLE_HOME/common/config/

  2. Provide the required database details. If you are using Microsoft SQL Server, provide the database details for the RCU database you created.

    These properties are used during configuration.

    • sysDBAUser—The sysdba user for RCU

    • sysDBAPassword—The sysdba password for RCU

    • rcuSchemaPassword—RCU schema password created while running RCU

    • schemaPrefix—The schema prefix used to create RCU. (Make sure it is the same as the Oracle Hyperion Shared Services Registry database user)

    • dbURL—For example: jdbc:oracle:thin:@hostname:port:sid

The passwords are encrypted.

Enter these properties once before configuring. You don't need to make subsequent updates if you reconfigure or redeploy.

Notes for dbURL:

  • Format for Oracle Database with SID:


  • Format for Oracle Database with service name:


  • Format for Microsoft SQL Server, with SID, using the name for database you already created: