Defining an Alternate Data Source for EnterpriseOne Search (Release

EnterpriseOne Search can override the primary data source and leverage an alternate data source for search execution. The Alternate Data Sources application (P98611X) enables you to define a data source that is an alternate to a primary data source.

You can designate an alternate data source for a database data source (DB) and not for a server data source (SVR). Each primary data source can only have one alternate data source; however, an alternate data source can have multiple primary data sources pointing to it.

Note: You are responsible for the processing to keep the alternate data source in synchronization with the actual data and determine the frequency of synchronization so that the results are accurate.

To define an alternate data source:

  1. In JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, navigate to EnterpriseOne Menus, EnterpriseOne Life Cycle Tools, System Administration Tools, System Administration Tools, Data Source Management, Database Data Sources.

  2. In the Machine Search & Select form (W986115E), highlight the machine name and click Select.

  3. In the Work With Data Sources form (W986115A), click Find.

  4. Select the row for which you want to define an alternate data source.

  5. Select Alternate Sources from the Form menu.Alternatively, you can select Alternate Source from the Row exit.

  6. In the Alternate Data Sources form (P98611X), specify the name of the Primary Data Source, and then specify the name that identifies the Alternate Data Source. You can also use the Visual Assist to search and select the database data sources.

    When you use the Row exit to open the Alternate Data Sources form, the Primary Data Source field displays the data source name and is disabled.

  7. Click OK to save and define the alternate data source.

    The Search Data Sources table (F98611X) stores the data source and alternate data source information.

    Note: If there is an invalid mapping of data sources, the system displays an error message during search execution.