Adding Security to an Application

Enter P00950 in the Fast Path.

Note: You cannot secure the Data Browser application using the Application Security form. Security Workbench provides a separate option for securing this application. See Managing Data Browser Security.
  1. On Work With User/Role Security, select the Form menu, Set Up Security, Application.

  2. On the Application Security form, enter the user or role ID in the User / Role field.

    Enter a complete user or role, which includes *PUBLIC but not wildcards.

  3. In the Display UnSecured Items region, complete the appropriate fields, and then click Find.

    • Application

    • Version

      Enter a particular version of the application that you entered in the Application field. If you leave this field blank, the system displays all versions associated with the application in the UnSecured node.

    • Product Code

      Enter a product code to display all applications, versions, and forms associated with a particular product code. This field does not work in conjunction with the Application or Version fields.

      The search results appear under the UnSecured node.

  4. Expand the UnSecured node to view the individual applications or versions, and the forms associated with each, that do not already have security set for them.

    After you expand the node, the individual items also appear in the grid.

  5. In the Create with region, select one or both of these security options:

    • Run Security

      Select this option to secure users from running the application.

    • Install Security

      Select this option to prevent the just-in-time installation (JITI) of anything necessary to run the application.

  6. Complete one of these steps:

    • Drag applications, versions, or forms from the UnSecured node to the Secured node.

    • From the Row menu, select All Objects to move all applications to the Secured node.

    • From the Row menu, select Secure to All to move all objects that are under the UnSecured node to the Secured node.

      If you secured an individual form, only the form appears under the Secured node. If you secured an application or version, the application or version and the forms associated with each appear under the Secured node.

  7. To change the security on an item, select the item under the Secured node, select the appropriate security option, and then, from the Row menu, select Revise Security.

    In the grid, the values under the Run and Install fields change accordingly.