Building a Package from the Web (Release 9.2.5)

Starting with Tools Release, a Web application is available to define a package.

  1. Access the Web application through P9621W or the Package Assembly application.

  2. Select Define Build from the Row exit. This will take you directly to the Package Build Revision (P9621W) application.

  3. Select Ok.

  4. Select the servers to build on and then select OK.

  5. Again, select Ok.

  6. Activate this package. Select Submit from the Row exit build to build the package.

To check the status of the package, use Batch Version (BV fastpath). Go to Submitted jobs where it will list the R9621S. When the package is complete, the status will be Done for R9621S and R9622C. User can also monitor the package on the server in the package directory or the deployment server under packages\<package name>\serverLogs.