Running the 64-bit Code Converter (Release 9.2.3)

You can use this UBE to convert a particular path code's include and source files to 64-bit. The path code must already have the 32-bit include and source in the repository table (F98780R). This conversion will either happen the first time package build is run with a 64-bit client foundation or by using this UBE (R9664CONV) to convert the path code. Using R9664CONV will save time when running a package build for the first time with the 64-bit foundation.

To run the 64-bit code converter:

  1. Go to Batch Versions to run the UBE.

  2. Select Row, then Processing Options.

  3. Specify values for these parameters:

    • Process Mode

      0 = Path code. Include and source files in the repository (F98780R) table are converted to include64 and source64 files.

      1 = Local. Local include and source directories are converted to include64 and source64 directories.

    • Path Code

      Specify the path code to convert.

    • Ignore 64Bit Pathcode Flag

      Blank = Do not ignore.

      '1' = Ignore.

      When the process finishes, it sets a field in the F00942T table to '1' to indicate that this path code has been converted. If you need to rerun this UBE, then use '1' to ignore this setting in the field. Use this processing option to override an existing setting.