Understanding 64-bit Enablement with the Release Master (Release

With Tools Release and beyond presents the ability to have a 64-bit only system. The Release Master application is used to indicate a 64-bit only system. When you have all pathcodes, the Enterprise system, and the client foundation converted to 64-bit, and enabled 64-bit in the Release Master, the package will only contain include64 and source64. The package will build the dlls with a 64-bit settings. The client install will have bin64, obj64, lib64, source64 and include64. The server will deploy the bin64 directory. In Busbuild, you will be able to compile, link and build in 64-bit only. Once the 64-bit release is enable, there is no going back 32-bit.

If the you update all pathcodes to 64-bit and have enabled the Release flag for 64-bit the package will only extract and build the 64-bit artifacts, resulting in the following:

  • When assembling the package, you can only select 64-bit foundations.

  • During the retrieval of the .c and .h file on the Enterprise Server, package build will only extract the 64-bit files, include64 and source64.

  • The building of business functions on the Enterprise Server will build the 64-bit artifacts for the 64-bit dlls or .so or pgm files.

  • The process to copy the include and source to the Development Client will only transfer the checkin\ include64 and checkin\source64 to the Development Client.

  • The client Busbuild will only build and compile the 64-bit artifacts to create the bin64, lib64 and obj64 files.

  • Only the 64-bit directories will be compressed, include64, source64, bin64, obj64 and lib64.