Preparing Environments for Update

This section discusses how to:

  • Prepare the prototype environment.

  • Prepare the development environment.

  • Check the modification and merge flags.

  • Verify custom changes in master control tables.

  • Back up servers and databases.

  • Prepare the localization update.

In Tools Release 9.2.5 and later you can use long database passwords. You must perform the software update process with the Security Server turned on if you are using long database passwords. The system user passwords must be changed using P98OWSEC or P98LPSEC and you must add security overrides to all data sources prior to applying ESUs with the Security Server turned on. Add security overrides for the following data sources:

  • System – 920

  • Object Librarian – 920

  • Data Dictionary – 920

  • Business data, control tables, and versions for each environment

For example, you can add security override as:

  • Business Data – TEST

  • Control Tables – Test

  • Versions – DV920

Note: You cannot specify a password longer than 10 characters if you are using the [DSPWD] section in the jde.ini file.

For more information, see the appendix “Adding a Security Override for Package Build” in the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools Package Management Guide and the section “Change Default EnterpriseOne System User Passwords for the Database” in the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools Security Administration Guide.