Using Update Documentation

Each software update includes documentation that describes the contents of the update and includes instructions specifically related to that update.

For an ESU, the documentation is in the form of an HTML document (JL12345.htm) packaged within the download or accessible online before downloading. This document includes a list of SARs fixed by the update, the list of objects modified in the update and a section detailing special installation instructions to implement the fix. Each ASU and Service Pack distribution CD includes a cover letter in PDF format. Read the cover letter before installing the update.

The cover letter includes this information:

  • An overview of the installation process.

  • Information related to running the update application.

  • Manual steps specific to the update (for example, processing option and application setup).

  • Other Software Updates that must be applied before or after the Software Update from the CD.

  • Any changes to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Certifications (MTRs) required by this update.

Each Tools Release includes an HTML document detailing SARs fixed by this release, installation instructions, and special considerations for this release.