Deleting Objects

Access Object Management Workbench - Web.

  1. In the Object grid, select the objects you want to delete.

  2. Click Delete.

    The Delete form displays. Your available options vary depending on the object type and whether the object has been checked in.

  3. Select one or more of the following options, and then click OK:

    • Delete Personal Copy

    • Delete Object from Pathcode

    • Delete Object from the Save Pathcode

    • Remove Object from ALL Locations

      This option selects all of the above options.

    • Mark Object To Be Deleted From Transfer Locations

  4. Click OK.

If you have selected multiple objects for deletion, the Delete form is displayed only once. For subsequent objects, the delete action you selected in the Delete form is applied and the objects are deleted. As you do not have to specify the delete option for each of the selected objects, this feature enables you to apply the same delete action to multiple objects. (Release 9.2.3)

Note: You cannot delete an object if it is associated with another object. For example, if a Composite Page contains an EnterpriseOne Page, you cannot delete the EnterpriseOne Page object unless it is removed from the Composite page.