Adding a UDC to Color Code an Environment

Starting with EnterpriseOne Tools Release, you can color code the environments by adding the UDC 98/CO. When you log in to an environment, this feature enables you to identify the environment by its color.

To color code the environments:

  1. Access the Work With User Defined Codes form.

  2. Enter the Product Code as 98 and User Defined Codes as CO, and then click Find.

  3. On the Work With User Defined Codes form, click Add.

  4. On the User Defined Codes form, scroll to the last empty row of the detail area.

  5. Enter the environment in the Codes field.

  6. Enter the Hex color code (for example: #850505) in the Description 1 field.

  7. Complete the Special Handling and Hard Coded fields, and then click OK.

  • Ensure that the UDC cache is cleared before you log in.

  • If an UDC entry does not exist for an environment, the environment is displayed in the default Alta scheme.

  • This feature is not supported with Internet Explorer 11 (IE11). Alta scheme will be the default scheme when you log in to an environment using Internet Explorer 11.