Creating an OGL Connection

Use the Soft Coding Records (P954000) application to create a connection to OGL. You can type P954000 in the Fast Path or use this path to navigate to the Soft Coding Records application:

Navigator > EnterpriseOne Menus > EnterpriseOne Life Cycle Tools > System Administration Tools > Soft Coding Administration > Soft Coding Records

To create an OGL connection:

  1. Access the P954000 application.
  2. Click Add.
  3. In the User/Role field, enter the EnterpriseOne user, role, or *PUBLIC.
  4. In the Environment Name field, enter the EnterpriseOne environment for which you are creating an OGL connection.
  5. In the Template Name field, enter OGL_CONNECTION.

    Note: You can use the Visual Assist (Search) icon to search for and select the OGL_CONNECTION template.
  6. In the Soft Coding Key field, enter OGL_CONNECTION.
  7. Click the Populate Soft Coding Value button to populate the Soft Coding Description and Soft Coding Value fields with the information from the OGL_CONNECTION template.

    Note: The Record Type field is left blank by default.
  8. In the Soft Coding Value field, replace the Application ID in the Soft Coding Value for your connection. Also, ensure that the endpoint is valid. Contact your system administrator and change the endpoint if required.

    Note: Application ID is unique for an account. Your Application ID can be found in your OGL provisioning document and in the Setup tab of the OGL Console. For more information, contact your system administrator.
  9.     <webservice>
                    <property><name>oglappid</name><value>Application ID</value></property>
  10. Click OK to save the record.

    Note: You must log out and log back in to the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne application to view the OGL widget on the EnterpriseOne pages.