JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Features Not Supported on the iPad or in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne for iPad

The following JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Web client features are not supported on the iPad:

  • Maximize button on the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Menu.

  • New Window button.

  • Import/Export Grid functions.

  • Copy and paste feature in a grid.

  • Drag and drop features.

  • Hot key support.

  • Media object download and saving capabilities.

  • Accessibility.

    JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications on the iPad are not accessible for users with disabilities.

  • Object linking and embedding (OLE) feature in the Media Object Viewer.

  • Some One View Reporting format outputs are not supported. The ones that are supported are as follows:

    • PDF

    • Interactive

    • Excel (xlsx)

    • CSV

    • PPT (pptx)

  • Design mode for Page Composer. (Release

  • Design mode for Personal Forms. (Release 9.2.1)

  • Design mode for Form Extensions. (Release

  • Design mode for EnterpriseOne Search. (Release

  • Orchestrator Studio. (Release 9.2.4)

  • EnterpriseOne Search capabilities to export search results and related information (Release 9.2.5)

Note: Message Center was not supported when it was first introduced in Release However, as of Release, Message Center is supported on the iPad and in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne for iPad.