Creating a Soft Coding Record for an Enterprise Server AIS Connection (Release 9.2.5)

  1. On the Orchestrator Studio Home page, click the Connections icon.
  2. On the Connections side panel, click the New button and select Enterprise Server AIS from the drop-down list.
  3. On the Connection design page, complete these fields:
    • Name. The value AIS_CONNECTION is included in the software.

    • Description. Enter a description to identify the connection. For example, if you are creating more than one soft coding record to connect to different locations, you should include the respective location in the description of each of the soft coding records.

      The Type of connection is displayed next to the Description field.

    • User/Role. Enter *PUBLIC if you are configuring one AIS server for the environment. Alternatively, a specific user ID or role can be used to route requests to another AIS server for that user or role.

    • Environment. Enter the environment that the AIS server being configured is associated with.

  4. On the Enterprise Server AIS tab, in the Endpoint field, enter the URL of the AIS server, for example:


  5. Click Save.
    You can copy this connection to another User/Role or Environment. The name of the connection will be saved as AIS_CONNECTION as the value of the Name field is included in the software.