Exporting by Category (Release

The Orchestrator Studio Export tool enables you to export orchestrations belonging to a specific category. The Orchestrator Studio also gives you the option to export only the orchestrations or the orchestration along with all of the components that are associated with an orchestrator category.

To export orchestrations by category:

  1. On the Orchestrator Studio Home page, click the Import/Export icon.

  2. On the Import/Export page, click the Export by Category tab.

  3. From the Category drop-down list, select the orchestrator category associated with the orchestrations and the components that you want to export.

  4. Click the Search button

    The Export by Category page displays all the orchestrations and the orchestration components associated with the selected category in the grid. The grid displays the Type, Name, and Description of the components.

  5. Slide the Include Dependencies toggle to the right to export the orchestrations along with all the dependent components.

  6. Click the Export button to export all the components displayed in the grid.

    The Orchestrator Studio checks for the orchestration components against the selected category and displays the number of files to be exported. In some cases, the file count can exceed the number of files identified in the export because the Orchestrator Studio looks for components that are not in the category but are dependencies of the components that have categories.

The Orchestrator Studio saves all the components as a zip file to a location on your local machine. The zip file is saved with the name of the category. Any special character in the category name is replaced with an underscore ( _ ).

Note: Because new features may be added to new releases of Orchestrator, exporting objects from a newer release and importing them into an earlier release (backward compatibility) is not supported. Importing objects from an earlier release into a newer release or into the same release is supported.