Configuring a Watchlist Service Request

Use a Watchlist service request to use the information from Watchlists, such as critical or warning states, threshold levels, and number of records, within an orchestration. For more information about the data you can retrieve from a Watchlist, see JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications One View Watchlists Implemenation Guide.

  1. Create and name the Watchlist service request as described in Creating a Service Request.

    On the Watchlist page, the grid displays all Watchlists that you have been authorized to access through UDO security in EnterpriseOne.

    If you need a Watchlist not available in this list, ask your EnterpriseOne administrator to grant you access to the Watchlist.

  2. In the Name column in the grid, click the link to the Watchlist that you want this service request to access.

    The Watchlist displays information about the Watchlist and areas for selecting the Watchlist details you want returned. To select a different Watchlist, click Change Watchlist to return to the list of Watchlists.

  3. In the Outputs area, select the Watchlist data you want returned.

  4. In the Advanced Outputs area, select any additional details about the Watchlist that you want returned.

  5. Click the Force Watchlist To Update check box if you want the service request to refresh the Watchlist data in EnterpriseOne before returning Watchlist data. (Recommended)