Creating a Soft Coding Record for a Database Connection

Important: For a database connection to work, the JDBC driver for the database must be accessible in the AIS Server classpath.
  1. On the Tools page in the Orchestrator Studio, click the Connections icon.

  2. On the Connections page, click New Connection.

  3. In the Connection Information area, complete these fields:

    • Name. Enter a unique name for the connection.

    • Descriptions. Enter a description to identify the connection. For example, if you are creating more than one soft coding record to connect to different locations, you should include the location in the description.

    • Type. Select Database.

    • User/Role. Enter the user authorized to run the originating orchestration–the orchestration on the local system that will call the external database. The user can be an EnterpriseOne user, role, or *PUBLIC.

    • Environment. Enter the environment where the local orchestrations reside.

  4. In the Database Connection Details area, complete these fields:

    • Connection. Enter the URL to the database.

      Important: Oracle strongly recommends that all external calls use the SSL protocol (https) with a certificate from a reputable certificate authority.
    • User. Enter the database user.

    • Password. Enter the database user password.

    • Driver. Enter the driver for the type of database you are accessing. You need to make sure the driver is specified on the AIS Server classpath.

  5. When complete, click Save at the top of the Connections page.