Updating Version 1 Orchestrations to Version 2 Orchestrations

When executed by the Orchestrator on the AIS Server, orchestrations programmatically call AIS services on the AIS Server to perform specific actions in EnterpriseOne.

Note: Using the Orchestrator Studio 8, you can only create version 2 orchestrations. You can also edit and save changes to the existing version 1 and version 2 orchestrations.Starting with EnterpriseOne Tools 9.2.4, you have to use Orchestrator Studio 9.2.4 to create and save changes to version 3 orchestrations

Starting with EnterpriseOne Tools is the availability of version 2 AIS services. Version 2 AIS services include all services originally available on the AIS Server (referred to as version 1 services), plus additional services that enable you to create an orchestration that includes the following types of service requests:

  • Data request

  • Message

  • Connector

All orchestrations that you create with Orchestrator Studio 5.0.1 or higher use version 2 AIS services and are referred to as version 2 orchestrations.

All orchestrations created prior to Orchestrator Studio 5.0.1 use version 1 AIS services and are referred to as version 1 orchestrations.

In Orchestrator Studio 5.0.1 or higher, you can update version 1 orchestrations. However, if you add any of the components in the preceding list that rely on version 2 AIS services, you must save the orchestration as version 2 by selecting Version 2 from the Orchestrator Version drop-down list.

Caution: If you save a version 1 orchestration as version 2, the following parameters are used for the service request by default:This changes the format of the response, which will affect any device consuming the output returned from the orchestration.