Using the Process Recorder to Create a Form Request

  1. On the EnterpriseOne home page, click the user drop-down menu in the upper right corner and select Record a Process.

  2. In the Process Recorder pop-up box, click Start to start the recording.

  3. Access the first application from the carousel, Favorites, a link on an EnterpriseOne page, or Fast Path.

    EnterpriseOne highlights the application title bar and application tab in the carousel (if enabled) of the application that is being recorded.

  4. Perform each of the steps to complete the business process or transaction that you want the form request to perform.

    When you enter a value in a field, the Process Recorder automatically records the field name as an input and the data that you enter as a default value. Later, you can change the name of the input and delete or change the default value by editing the form request in Orchestrator Studio.

    Important: If you return to the EnterpriseOne home page or try launching a separate application from the Carousel while recording, the Process Recorder pauses the recording and will not record those steps. To resume the recording, click the Paused button and the Process Recorder will resume recording, returning you to the point in the process in which you initially paused the recording.
  5. If you want the form request to return values from the form that you are on:

    1. Click Return Values.

    2. Click the controls and columns that contain values you want returned. If you add a control or column by mistake, click it again to remove it from the list.

    3. Click Resume to continue recording the next steps in the process.

      When you access the last form in the process and want the form request to return values from all controls and columns on the last form, leave the Return Controls and Return Columns field blank.

    Note: If you are on EnterpriseOne Tools, you can return values only from the last form in the process.
  6. After performing the final step, click Stop.

    If you stopped the recording prematurely, click Cancel, and then continue to record the remaining actions. To discard the process and start over, click Discard.

  7. To complete the recording, enter a name, product code, and description for the form request.

  8. Click Save.

If you need to modify the form request, see Configuring a Form Request in the Orchestrator Studio. To add it to an orchestration, see Adding Steps to an Orchestration.