Extending EnterpriseOne Forms Using Business Views

You can extend a JD Edwards EnterpriseOne form by adding available (unused) and hidden business view columns from the business view that is associated with the form dynamically without customization. Using the Form Extension Manager, you can add business view columns on the form header and the grid based on your requirements when you are working on the form.

You can create a form extension only if your administrator has enabled the Form Extensions feature in the Security Workbench application (P00950). If you do not see the Form Extensions icon in the UDO design panel, you do not have permissions to create a form extension.

Adding Available (Unused) Table Columns to a Form (Release

Beginning with Tools Release, you can extend a form by adding available (unused) table columns associated with a business view as additional form controls.

Adding Hidden Business View Columns to a Grid (Release 9.2.5)

Beginning with Tools Release 9.2.5, you can add business view columns that are hidden in the FDA to a grid. The hidden columns, when added to a grid, will behave the same way as the FDA columns unlike the other extended columns.