Removal of E1Local Database (Tools Release 9.2.5.x)

The E1Local database is removed from the development client in Tools Release 9.2.5. This removal impacts the EnterpriseOne developer in the following ways:

  • Individual object specifications are stored in Central Objects and persist across package installs.
  • A new Sandbox data source should be created for temporary table use.
  • Business view check out and check in tables are migrated to the server.

The 9.2.5 Tools Rollup ESU delivers new definitions for an empty copy of the Central Object tables with new OCM mappings. These are the same tables created by a package build with "US" (User Specs) appended to the name. For example, DV920.F98720US, DV920.F98740US. . . . The tables are new OMW objects and have the same design as the Central Object tables with new keys and the developer’s account stored in a column allowing different versions of an object to be stored for different developers.

The "US" package resides in the Central Objects tablespace, however, minimal space is occupied because only modified objects are saved in this location.

Note: The extra connections to the database may require you to increase the number of processes on the database.