Mail Merge & Doc Gen (Web Only)

These system functions enable you to automate mail merge and document generation tasks. They constitute a part of a larger process, as this outline illustrates:

  1. Create an RTF in Microsoft Word to use as the template for a merge.

    Use Word's field feature to indicate where to place text at merge time. You can create multiple RTF files and then use the CompositeGeneration business function (BSFN B980043) to create a single template from them.

  2. Upload the template.

  3. Call the Get XML Data Model system function to process the template.

    Among other files, the system function creates an XML file to populate with data for the merge.

  4. Create a business function to populate the XML file and then run it.

  5. Run the merge.

Note: The following System Functions in Mail Merge & Doc Gen has been deprecated from tools release onwards.
  • Delete Document

  • Display Document

  • Download Template

  • Download Template for Doc Gen

  • Get XML Data Model

  • Run Doc Gen and Display

  • Run Mail Merge and Display

  • Run Multiple Mail Merge

  • Upload Template

  • Upload Template for Doc Gen