Additional EnterpriseOne HTML Server Instance for Processing AIS Requests

You can set up an additional HTML Server instance for processing AIS Server requests only. This is recommended so that the performance of the EnterpriseOne HTML Server used by EnterpriseOne web client users is not impacted by AIS Server requests.

With this configuration, make sure that you select the "Enable AIS Watchlist Execution" check box in the Form Service section of the HTML Server Web Runtime settings in Server Manager. This option applies only to an EnterpriseOne configuration with an AIS Server. If you select this check box, you must configure the settings for the AIS Server in the same Form Service section.

This graphic shows the EnterpriseOne architecture with an additional, dedicated HTML Server instance for processing AIS Server requests. The illustration also depicts the configuration files that enable the communication between servers.

Dedicated HTML Server for AIS Processing Architecture
Note: Starting with Tools Release 9.2.5, you can use the Server Manager Console to configure the AIS Login On Demand setting for the HTML server. This setting ensures that the AIS session used by the HTML server is not established until it is required. In the earlier releases, the AIS session was established when the user logged in to the HTML server.