Description of the illustration hue2.png

This screen capture of the Hive Query editor shows the following:

Hue tool bar: House icon for My Documents, Query Editors menu, Data Browsers menu, Workflows menu, Search. Icons for Manage HDFS, Manage Jobs, Administration, Documentation, Demo tutorials, Sign out

Hive Editor logo, tabs for Query Editor (selected), My Queries, Saved Queries, History, Settings.

A panel on the left has these settings:

Navigator button

Settings heading

DATA... Refresh icon, Help icon

default, drop down list for other data sources

Table name...

List of these hypertext table names: salaries, csvtab, airq, tab1, orhvtm..., cars_tab, cars_seq, tree1, cmnt. To the right of each table name is a Preview Sample data icon

The main panel on the right has these elements:

Top panel:

Help icon in upper right corner

Text box containing this statement on line 1: Example: SELECT * FROM tablename, or press CTRL + space

Execute button, Save as button, Explain button, or create a, New query button

Bottom panel:

Tabs: Recent queries (selected), Query, Log, Columns, Results, Chart

Column headings for Time, Query, Result

No data available.