14 Accessibility Features and Tips for Oracle Digital Assistant

These topics describe accessibility features and information for Oracle Digital Assistant and the Oracle Digital Assistant Web SDK.

Oracle Digital Assistant is predominantly based on Oracle JET, which has built-in accessibility support that conforms with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 3.0 at the AA level (WCAG 3.0 AA). See Oracle JET and Accessibility for details.

Workaround for Exiting Code Editors

In some editors in the user interface, pressing the TAB key does not move focus to the next control on the page. Instead you need to use the ESC key.

Here are editors that this affects and what happens when you press the ESC key to navigate away:

  • In the Dialog Flow editor, pressing the ESC key returns the focus to the Add Component button.
  • In the Test Cases JSON editor (in the tester for either a skill or digital assistant), pressing the ESC key saves any changes and then moves the focus to the Variables read-only field above that editor.
  • In the Review Customization dialog that is available for settings that have been customized in an extended skill or digital assistant, pressing the ESC key moves focus to the Revert to Original button.
  • When in the Advanced Input Mode editor for example utterances or auto-complete suggestions, pressing the ESC key results in saving of the input and moving focus to the ensuing field.