17 Accessibility Features and Tips for Oracle Integration Cloud Service

Use these tips to improve your experience with accessibility features for Oracle Integration Cloud Service.

Configuring Accessibility Preferences

You can enable features in Oracle Integration Cloud Service to make the interface more accessible.

To configure accessibility settings:
  1. Click the user name menu in the upper right corner, and then click Preferences.
    The Preferences page appears.
  2. Select the accessibility features that you want to enable:
    • Screen Reader: Select this option to enhance the interface for use with screen readers.
    • High Contrast: Select this option to make the Oracle Integration Cloud Service user interface compatible with operating systems or browsers that have high-contrast features enabled. For example, Oracle Integration Cloud Service changes its use of background images and CSS styles in high-contrast mode to prevent the loss of visual information.


      High-contrast mode is more beneficial if you use it in conjunction with your browser or operating system high-contrast mode. Also, you can find it beneficial to use large-font mode, in addition to high-contrast mode.

    • Large Fonts: Select this option to enable browser zoom-friendly content. In default mode, most text and many containers have a fixed font size to provide a consistent and defined look. In large-font mode, text and containers are more scalable. Flexible scalability enables Oracle Integration Cloud Service to be compatible with browsers that are set to larger font sizes, and to work with browser zoom capabilities.
  3. Click Apply.
The accessibility features you selected are enabled immediately.