Deleting an Exadata Cloud at Customer Instance

When you delete an Oracle Database Exadata Cloud at Customer instance you delete all of the software and data on the system, including all of the database deployments hosted on the system.


Deleting an Exadata Cloud at Customer instance may fail when the instance contains existing VM clusters or existing snapshot clone database deployments. To avoid this problem ensure that you delete all snapshot clone database deployments and all VM clusters before you attempt to delete an Exadata Cloud at Customer instance. See Deleting a Database Deployment and Deleting a VM Cluster.

To delete an Exadata Cloud at Customer instance:

  1. Open the My Services dashboard.

    For detailed instructions, see Accessing the My Services Dashboard and the Oracle Database Cloud Service Console.

  2. Click the action menu (Menu icon) in the tile that is associated with Exadata Cloud at Customer and choose View Details.

    The Service Details page is displayed, with the Overview tab showing.

  3. Select Delete from the action menu (Menu icon) corresponding to the service instance that you want to delete.

    A confirmation dialog appears.

  4. Review the details in the confirmation dialog. Click Delete to delete the service instance, or click Cancel to return to the Service Details page without deleting the service instance.


    Clicking Delete starts the process to delete the service instance. This process is fully automated and takes some time to complete. During this time you may still see the service instance listed in the Service Details page; however, you cannot access the service instance.