About Network Access to Exadata Cloud at Customer

Network access to the compute nodes associated with Oracle Database Exadata Cloud at Customer is primarily provided by Secure Shell (SSH) connections on port 22. Other network protocols and services may also be used.

SSH Access on Port 22

SSH is a cryptographic network protocol that uses two keys, one public and one private, to provide secure communication between two networked computers. Port 22 is the standard TCP/IP port that is assigned to the SSH servers.

The public key is stored in the compute nodes associated with your Exadata Cloud at Customer environment. If no public key is associated with your Exadata Cloud at Customer environment you will be prompted to specify a public key when you create a database deployment. You can add a new SSH key to your Exadata Cloud at Customer environment by using the SSH Access menu option, which can be found in the action menu (Menu icon) that is associated with each database deployment.

When you access any Exadata Cloud at Customer compute node using SSH, you must provide the private key that matches the public key.

For more information about generating the required SSH public/private key pair, see Generate a Secure Shell (SSH) Public/Private Key Pair.

Access to Other Network Services

With Exadata Cloud at Customer, the Exadata system environment resides inside your data center and no firewall is provided between Exadata Cloud at Customer and your network. Therefore, unless your network imposes other limitations, you may inherently configure and use all other network services on Exadata Cloud at Customer.