Import a Batch of Users into a Cloud Account

If you are cloud account administrator, you can batch import user accounts using a comma-separated values (CSV) file.

Before importing user accounts, you must first create a CSV file that is properly formatted for the import process. The CSV file is a simple text file in a tabular format (rows and columns). The first row in the file, which defines the columns (fields) in your table, must have these exact column headings such as First Name, Last Name, Work Email, and User ID.
To import user accounts:
  1. Create a CSV file using any standard spreadsheet application. For each user account, create a new row (line) and enter data into each column (field). Each row equals one record.
  2. Save your file in a CSV format.
  3. Sign in to My Services with your sign-in credentials.
  4. In the dashboard, click Users and then click Import.
  5. In the Import Users dialog box, click Browse to locate and select the CSV file that contains the user accounts to import. You can also download a sample CSV file for your reference and use.
  6. Click Import.
  • If the import job can be processed immediately, a dialog box appears with the Job ID link. You can review the details by clicking the link.

  • If the job can’t be processed immediately, a Schedule ID is provided. Use the Schedule ID to search for the job in the Jobs page. The job appears in this page after the import process is complete.

See Importing user Accounts in Administering Oracle Identity Cloud Service.