About Universal Credits on Cloud at Customer

Universal Credits is the next-generation subscription model offered by Oracle Cloud. Universal Credits offers some key benefits that can improve your Oracle Cloud experience.

It provides:

  • A simpler buying experience

    • You can subscribe to a single set of credits (for all PaaS services).

    • You are not locked into using specific service or subscription SKU.

  • Greater flexibility

    • You have access to new services as soon as they are introduced. No need to contact Oracle Sales or modify your order.

    • Your Universal Credits can be used for any new Platform as a Service services you use.

    • You can sign up for a Pay As You Go subscription with no up-front costs or you save money by committing to a Monthly Flex subscription.

  • Easier expansion process

    • You can elastically scale with confidence with benefits of lower pre-paid instance pricing.

    • You can expand to new workloads without going through another contracting cycle.

  • A single set of cloud credits that spans Cloud at Customer and Oracle Cloud

    • Available with Oracle Cloud at Customer 18.1.4. Contact Oracle Sales for details and restrictions.

The Universal Credits subscription model provides a flexible buying and usage model for Oracle Cloud Services. With this subscription model, all customers of Oracle Cloud at Customer who have signed up for the Universal Credits subscription model have access to all eligible PaaS services.

Note that your Universal Credits subscription extends to PaaS services only on Cloud at Customer. IaaS services on Cloud at Customer are provisioned as part of a non-metered cloud service subscription. For more information, contact your Oracle Sales representative.

If you are an existing Cloud at Customer user, and you purchase a new Cloud at Customer Universal Credits subscription, you will be provisioned with a new, additional Cloud Account for the services that support Universal Credits. Your new Universal Credits account will have its own URL and sign-in credentials.

There are two payment options:

  • Sign up for a Pay As You Go subscription to use Oracle Cloud with no up-front costs. Oracle charges you in arrears for your amount of usage each month.


    This option is not supported on Oracle Cloud at Customer for Exadata Cloud at Customer.
  • Sign up for a Monthly Flex subscription to commit to a specific monthly payment, based on your estimated monthly usage. Use the cost estimator to help you estimate your monthly usage. To qualify for a monthly flex subscription, you commit to a minimum of US$ 1000 a month for at least one year, and you are charged for your Oracle Cloud usage at a lower rate than the Pay As You Go subscription. The lower rate is calculated, based on your monthly usage commitment and your contract duration.

For information, see Oracle Universal Credit Pricing.