Activate Your Order from Your Welcome Email

If you ordered Oracle Infrastructure as a Service (Oracle IaaS) and Oracle Platform as a Service (Oracle PaaS) cloud services with Universal Credits through Oracle Sales, then you must activate your services before you start using them.

When an Oracle Sales representative orders Oracle Cloud services on your behalf, you’ll receive a welcome email and you’ll be designated as an activator of the services. To activate your services, you must provide your details and set up your account with Oracle. Review the instructions in the email to create an account and start using your services.
  1. Open the email you received from Oracle Cloud.
  2. Review the information about your service in the email.
  3. Click Activate My Services.
  4. Complete the form to sign up for your new Oracle Cloud Account.

    You will be asked to:

    • Provide a new account name, which will be used to identify your Cloud account.

    • Provide your email address. You must provide the same email address at which you received your welcome email. Instructions for logging in to your new Oracle Cloud account will be sent to this address. You’ll be prompted for the email ID only if you don’t already have an Oracle Cloud account.

    • If prompted, select a Home Region. If you need more information, click the Regions link below the field.


      Your home region contains your account information and identity resources. It is not changeable after your tenancy is provisioned. If you are unsure which region to select as your home region, contact your sales representative before you create your account.
    • Provide Oracle Cloud account administrator details. The person you specify here will be a Cloud Account Administrator and a Service Administrator and can create other users as required. This person will manage and monitor services in the specified Oracle Cloud account.

    • After you enter all the required information, click Create Account to submit your request for an Oracle Cloud account.

After successful activation, you’ll receive another email with your login credentials. Use this information to sign into your account and change your password on initial login.