Buy a Nonmetered Subscription to an Oracle Cloud Service

Nonmetered subscriptions to Oracle Cloud are available for specific customers when ordered by contacting Oracle Sales directly. In some cases, public sector organizations or enterprise companies with specific requirements require a subscription model that meets their specific business needs.

To order a nonmetered subscription, contact your Oracle Sales representative. As part of the sign-up process, you will likely need to activate your subscription when prompted via email. See Activating an Order from the Email Link.

For example, Government subscriptions are nonmetered services that you can order through Oracle Sales. You buy resources for each service separately and access only those services that you have purchased.

If you do not require a nonmetered subscription and you want to sign up for an IaaS or PaaS service Cloud Account with Universal Credits, you can use the Oracle Cloud website self-service tools to sign up for Oracle Cloud.

See How Do I Sign Up?.