Change and Manage Your Passwords

When you first sign in to your Oracle Cloud Account, you are prompted to change your password. This is an important step in securing your Oracle Cloud Account.

However, when you change this password, it does not change all the passwords you might need while using your Oracle Cloud Account. Depending on what services you are using, you might have to change the passwords listed in the following topics.


All these passwords are initially set to the default password in the Welcome email you received when you first signed up for Oracle Cloud. Use this temporary one-time password to sign in to your Service and then change the password when prompted.


If your account is locked, contact Oracle Support. See Contact Oracle Support.

Also, several cloud services such as Database Cloud Service, Database Backup, or Storage use backup functionality. When backups are first configured, a user id and password are provided. These credentials are independent of your initial login credentials and must be updated. Ensure that you change your backup passwords also when changing your cloud account login password to prevent locking your account. Refer to the service-specific documentation on changing individual service passwords used for backup.