Overview of Oracle Cloud Subscriptions

We offer Oracle Cloud services at several pricing and service levels to suit the needs and budget of your organization.

Universal Credit Services

These are bundled Oracle Infrastructure as a Service (Oracle IaaS) and Oracle Platform as a Service (Oracle PaaS) cloud services and offer unlimited access to all the services in these categories.

See About Universal Credits.

Bring Your Own License (BYOL)

Allows you to use any pre-existing Oracle software licenses that you may have when buying new subscriptions on Oracle Cloud. For example, if you have purchased a perpetual license for Oracle Database Standard Edition earlier, then you can use the same when you buy Database Standard Package with BYOL pricing. See About Bring Your Own License Subscriptions.

Metered Services, Prepaid

With the metered service offerings, you’re billed in arrears based on your actual usage. The metered offerings apply to Oracle Infrastructure as a Service (Oracle IaaS) and Oracle Platform as a Service (Oracle PaaS) Cloud services. You can purchase our metered Cloud services from Oracle Store or by contacting Oracle Sales.

See Buy a Prepaid Metered Subscription to an Oracle Cloud Service.

Nonmetered Services

With the nonmetered service offerings, you pay for a set amount of users over the course of the service period. You’re billed up front based on that committed quantity. The nonmetered offerings can be applied to Oracle IaaS, Oracle PaaS, and Oracle Software as a Service (Oracle SaaS) Cloud services (as well as a handful of other offerings). These offerings are sold via a usage-based metric, such as Hosted Named User or Hosted Environment. For example, Government subscriptions are nonmetered services and their usage is drawn down from the committed amount.

See Buy a Nonmetered Subscription to an Oracle Cloud Service.