Register Your CSI Number

If you’re an existing user in Oracle Cloud, you must register your CSI number in My Oracle Support. This helps Oracle Support to quickly identify you and troubleshoot your issue effectively.

Keep your CSI number handy before registering it. See Get Your CSI Number.
To register your CSI number in My Oracle Support:
  1. Go to the My Oracle Support website:
  2. Sign in with your Oracle Account.
  3. From the logged-in user menu, click My Account.
  4. In the Support Identifiers section, click Request Access. The Support Identifiers section displays the accounts that your user name is currently associated with.
  5. Enter your CSI number, an optional note to approver, and then click Request Access.
  6. Enter your company name that owns the CSI number and click Validate.
  7. Click Next and enter your contact details.
  8. Accept the terms and conditions and click Next.
After your request is approved, you can log support requests.