Selecting a Payment Plan

Oracle offers the following payment plans.

  • Select the Pay-As-You-Go plan if you don’t want any up-front costs; you’ll be charged only for the services and resources you use


  • Save money, by selecting the Monthly Flex plan, where you’re billed monthly, based on the results of your monthly cost estimate.

The Cost Estimator provides the estimated monthly cost for both options. Use the information in the Cost Estimator and the information in the following table to learn more.


This topic summarizes the Oracle Cloud payment plans. Be sure to review the details provided on the Oracle Cloud website before you select a plan.

Payment Plan Description

Pay as You Go

Select the Pay As You Go plan to start using Oracle Cloud with no up-front cost. Oracle will bill you for the services and resources you use.

For planning purposes, use the results from the Cost Estimator to estimate how much you are likely to be charged for usage each month.

Monthly Flex

Select the Monthly Flex payment plan to pay in advance monthly, based on your estimated monthly usage. You can apply your credits toward any of the eligible Oracle Cloud IaaS or PaaS services. Standard or additional discounts may apply when you opt for Monthly Flex.

Use the Cost Estimator to estimate your monthly usage which will be used to determine your payment amount.

The minimum monthly commitment is US$1000, or the equivalent value in your chosen currency. The minimum subscription term is one year.

If you go above the estimated amount, you’ll be charged an overage fee.