About Universal Credits

Oracle Cloud provides a flexible buying and usage model for Oracle Cloud Services, called Universal Credits.

When you sign up for an Oracle Cloud Account, you have unlimited access to all eligible IaaS and PaaS services. You can sign up for a Pay-As-You-Go subscription to pay in arrears based on your actual usage at the end of your monthly billing cycle.

After you sign up, you can start using any of the IaaS or PaaS services at any time. Not all services are available in all the data regions. You can only use services in the data regions that your subscription is enabled in. However, you can always extend your subscription to other data regions to access services available there. See Extending Your Subscription to Another Data Region.

When new eligible services become available as part of the Universal Credits program, you'll receive an email with the details of the newly added services if they are available in one of your enabled data regions.

For new services added to data regions where your subscription is not enabled, see the Service Availability Matrix.