Update Your Account Details

If you’re the buyer or a Cloud Account Administrator, then you can update your account and credit card details when upgrading your free cloud promotion to a paid account.

You can do the following updates during upgrade:
  • Change your account from personal to corporate

  • Change your credit card from the one used during promotion sign up

  • Register a new payment method if an Oracle Service Engineer has requested the free cloud promotion on your behalf

  1. From the Dashboard in the Infrastructure Classic Console, click Upgrade to Paid.

    The Upgrade to Paid Plan page displays your upgrade options.

  2. Select Pay As You Go payment plan, and then click Next.
  3. Check your usage costs, specify an amount if prompted, and then click Next.
    The Review and Verify page opens.
  4. To change your account from personal to corporate:
    1. Click the Update Account Details link.
    2. Fill in the company name and address details, and click Apply.
    3. Click Continue to confirm the updates.
  5. To change your credit card:
    1. The credit card used during promotion sign up is automatically selected during upgrade. To change, clear the check box Use card ending with..
    2. You’ll be prompted to enter your new card details after you click Complete in the Review and Verify page.
  6. To register a new credit card:
    1. If you haven’t used a credit card during sign up, then you’ll be prompted to register a new card after you click Complete in the Review and Verify page.
  7. Enter your Cloud Account password and tax information if applicable or prompted.
  8. Accept the terms and conditions and click Complete to complete the upgrade process.
If you added or changed your credit card details, then your credit card may see a temporary charge again as part of the card authorization process. This charge is reversed after the card is authorized and verified.

In case the credit card authorization fails, you can contact us by using the Chat link.