Upgrading Your Free Oracle Cloud Promotion

You can choose to upgrade your free promotion to a paid account at any time during the promotion period or within seven days of the promotion expiration.

  1. From the Cloud Services banner in the My Services Dashboard, click Upgrade to Paid.

    The Upgrade to Paid Plan dialog box displays your upgrade options. From this dialog box, you can:

    • Select a payment plan, or request a callback from Oracle Sales.

      See Selecting a Payment Plan.

    • Click Cost Details to review how the monthly estimate was calculated.

      The Details window lists the services you’ve been using and the estimated monthly usage for each, bsaed on the past 24 hours of usage.

      From the Details page, click Cost Estimator to modify your monthly estimate.

      See Estimating Your Monthly Cost.

  2. When you are satisfied with the monthly cost estimate, select a payment plan, and click Upgrade.
  3. Use the Verify and Purchase dialog box to verify the monthly credits amount and the length of the term.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions and click Purchase.
Oracle sends you a confirmation mail with the details of your upgraded plan.