7 Use the My Home Application

If you’re a user without administrative privileges, then when you sign in to Applications Console or Infrastructure Classic Console, you’re redirected to the My Home application. You can also log in to My Home from the logged-in user name menu in Applications Console or Infrastructure Classic Console.

My Home provides you with a single window to access all the service consoles applicable to you. You can also change your sign-in password from the My Profile page. See Change and Manage Your Passwords.

My Oracle Services

The My Oracle Services page is displayed as a default when you open My Home. Use the My Oracle Services page to view and access the service consoles that you’ve access to. You’ll see all the available service consoles only if enabled by your cloud account administrator. If you don’t see any service listing, then contact your cloud account administrator.

By default, service consoles in the account that you logged into are displayed. If you’re using a Cloud Account with Identity Cloud Service, you’ll also see the Applications Console or Infrastructure Classic Console tile here. Use the Search box to search for a specific service console.

If you’re using a traditional account, you can select another identity domain to view all the service consoles in that domain from the Scope menu.

The following table describes the key elements shown on the My Oracle Services page.

Element Description

Data Center/Domain

For Cloud Accounts with Identity Cloud Service, use the Data Center filter to identify your Identity console.

For Traditional Cloud Accounts, use the Domain filter to filter your services on the dashboard.

Service Tiles

Each tile on the My Home dashboard displays the following:

  • Service type and icon. Click the cloud icon to access the service console. Service tiles with this badge Admin Icon indicate that you have access to the Admin console and you’re an administrator to those services. Service tiles without this badge indicate that they are user consoles and you don’t have administrator access to them.

  • Name of the service instance

  • Admin Console link if available

Clicking the star icon (Favorites) marks a particular service as a favorite. Marking a service as a favorite adds the service to the list of favorite services. After you mark at least one service as a favorite, the favorites (star) icon appears next to the Search box.

You can mark up to five services as favorites. If you already selected five favorite services, and you try to add another service as a favorite, then a pop-up window will prompt you to deselect one of the services.