Verify That Your Services Are Ready

When you sign up for a Free Oracle Promotion or a paid account, your Oracle Cloud account is created soon after sign up, but the service provisioning takes some time. You’ll receive a Welcome email soon after you sign up.

The email contains information required to access your account and sign in to Infrastructure Classic Console:
  • Your user name and temporary password (sign-in credentials)

  • The name of your Cloud Account

Sign in to Infrastructure Classic Console to see how many services are provisioned. A message at the top of the Infrastructure Classic Console indicates how many services are active.

  1. Click Get Started with Oracle Cloud from your welcome email.
  2. Change your password when prompted.
  3. Scan the dashboard to check the current status of your service.
    When the services are provisioned, they might not immediately be displayed on the Infrastructure Classic Console. Services with instances are automatically displayed.
  4. Click gear icon next to Dashboard and set the services to Show.
    By default, all service tiles are hidden, unless a service has at least one instance.
    The Customize Dashboard dialog box appears.

When all the services in your order are provisioned, you’ll get a message on the Infrastructure Classic Console. You can then add users, view service details, monitor account usage, and access the service consoles.

Some services in your order may require additional sign-in credentials, which you can find in the Manage Account, My Admin Accounts page. See Access Traditional Cloud Account Services.