Workflow to Provision Oracle Cloud Applications

If you've subscribed to Oracle Cloud Applications or you have those entitlements in your account, then you can provision these services from the Applications Console dashboard before your users can start using them.

A typical provisioning workflow includes:

  1. You purchase Oracle Cloud Applications through Oracle Sales. See Order Oracle Cloud Applications.
  2. The administrator receives welcome email to log in to the Applications Console dashboard. See Sign In to Oracle Cloud For the First Time.
  3. The administrator completes all the tasks in the Service Administrator Action List. See
  4. After logging in, the administrator sees the services on the dashboard. If the services are not visible on the dashboard, you can customize the dashboard to view your services. See View Your Services on the Dashboard.
  5. A message on the Applications Console dashboard indicates that there are Oracle Cloud Application environments that need to be provisioned. To provision these services, see Create an Instance.
  6. (Optional.) Create an additional test instance. See Create an Additional Test Environment.
  7. After submitting the provisioning request, you'll receive e-mail notifications when the production and stage instances of your service are provisioned. Ensure that you can access these instances. See Access Your Service Instance.