Troubleshooting SSO

If you can’t resolve a configuration problem by using the Test feature, then troubleshoot the configuration by following these steps.

  1. Review the Known Issues guide for any similar problem.
  2. Review any changes made on the identity provider and Oracle Cloud service provider before the problem in the SSO workflow.
  3. Capture an HTTP trace of the SSO workflow, using a tool such as Fiddler Web Debugging Tool.
  4. Review the workflow to determine the point where the SSO workflow terminated and which identity-related components are involved: identity provider, service provider, web tier, gateways, proxies, and firewalls.
  5. Review the protocol messages and component logs to identify exceptions.
  6. Go to MyOracle Support to review known issues and find out if your problem exists there.
  7. If you’ve performed all troubleshooting steps and you’re confident that the problem is due to Oracle Cloud, then contact Oracle Support Services. Be ready to provide all your information, including a Fiddler trace, identity provider metadata, and identity provider logs.