Extending Your Subscription to Another Data Region

Oracle Infrastructure and Platform Cloud Services (Oracle IaaS/PaaS) are enabled in different data centers. These data centers are grouped into data regions based on their geographic locations.

When you purchase these services or sign up for a free promotion, you typically choose the data region closest to your location to access them. This becomes your primary data region. However, if required, you can extend your subscription to other geographical regions (within the same cloud account) and use the services there.

For example, if you selected North America as your primary data region during your purchase, you can extend your subscription to EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) data region. By doing so, you’ll enable your users to use services available in the EMEA data centers.


Not all services are available in every data region or data center. See Data Regions for Platform and Infrastructure Services for details. For example, Oracle Autonomous Cloud Services are available only in North America or EMEA data regions.

For information on using additional data regions in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, see Managing Regions in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

You can extend your subscription to another data region only if you’re a Cloud Account Administrator.

To extend your subscription to another data region, do the following:

  1. Sign in to Infrastructure Classic Console.

    If you are using Infrastructure Console, complete the following steps to access Infrastructure Classic Console.

    1. Open the navigation menu in Infrastructure Console. Under Governance and Administration, open the Administration menu, and then click Tenancy Details.
    2. From the Tenancy Information tab, note down the value provided for the Name field.
    3. Use the following syntax to construct the URL to access Infrastructure Classic Console.

      Where, mytenenancyname is the name that you have noted down in the previous step.

  2. On the dashboard, click the Manage Account tile, and then select the Account Management tab to view your subscription details.

    A list of services or entitlements in your account is displayed.

  3. Locate the IaaS/PaaS service category.

  4. From the Action icon Action menu, click Manage Data Regions.

  5. Select the additional data region that you want.

  6. Click OK to proceed.

You’ll receive another welcome email with sign-in credentials to the selected data region after the services are provisioned in the new region and the process is complete. After you receive the credentials, you can log in to the new account and create users and service instances as required.

When you extend your subscription to another data region, Oracle Cloud automatically appends the selected data region name to your existing cloud account. This is your cloud account identity for the new data region. For example, if your primary data region is EMEA, your cloud account name is ABCComp1, and you extend your services to APAC (Asia Pacific) data region, then your new cloud account name for that region will be ABCComp1-APAC.

You can see this new name in the Identity Domain drop-down list on the dashboard, when you log in. You can also switch between your cloud accounts. See Switching Between Accounts for details.

When you sign in or switch to the identity domain for that region, you can access the services available there. Expand the IaaS/PaaS service category in the Account Management page to see what services are available in the new region.