Scheduling Service Maintenance for Environment Refresh

Not Oracle Cloud at Customer This topic does not apply to Oracle Cloud at Customer.

Environment refresh can only be scheduled for services that enable it.


You must have an account with the relevant privileges to file service requests and you must be signed in to the environment which will be the source of data for the refresh.

To schedule an environment refresh:
  1. Sign in to Applications Console or Infrastructure Classic Console.
    Sign in to the Applications Console if you want to work with Oracle Cloud Applications. Sign in to Infrastructure Classic Console if you want to access Oracle Cloud infrastructure and platform services. If you see Infrastructure Classic at the top of the page when you sign in to Oracle Cloud, then you are using Infrastructure Classic Console and your subscription does not support access to the Infrastructure Console.
  2. Go to your service in the dashboard.
  3. Click Maintenance and Service Requests from the Action icon menu on the service tile.
    The Service Requests page is displayed with details of the maintenance requests calendar.
  4. Click Create Request to create a new service request.
    The Create Service Request dialog box appears.
  5. Select Environment Refresh from the Request Types drop-down list.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions and specify the following information:
    1. Select the target environment from the list.
      An environment refresh requires a source and a target. The source and target environment options are available based on your account.
    2. Select the Concurrent update check box if your source and target environments are updated concurrently. These environments could be on non-production or production maintenance schedule.
    3. Accept the terms and conditions, and then click Next.
      The Complete Your Service Request page appears.
      You’ll see the available time slots for your requested refresh in the Scheduled Maintenance page. You can switch your view to either daily, weekly, monthly, or a list by using the respective buttons on top of the calendar. By default, start date for the calendar is the current date minus 7 days. The view you select is stored as your preference and you’ll be shown the same when you log in the next time.
    4. Click Available Slot to select the desired date for your Environment Refresh.
    5. If prompted, provide the contact details of your technical team, and then click Submit.
A service request is created and you can see it on the Service Requests page, with the status Pending Approval. The status of each filed request is color-coded and displayed in the calendar. In some cases, we may require your approval to confirm the time slots of your maintenance. Such requests are indicated by the phrase To Review. To view, edit, or cancel your service request, see Viewing and Editing Service Maintenance Requests.