Adding a Machine Image

To add a machine image to Compute Classic by using the REST API, you must register the image and then add it as an entry in an image list.

Task Procedure / REST API Call
1. Ensure that the machine image file has been uploaded to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage Classic. See Uploading Machine Image Files to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage Classic in Using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute Classic.
2. Register the image in Compute Classic. POST /machineimage/
3. Create an image list. POST /imagelist/
4. Add the image that you registered earlier as an entry in the image list that you just created. POST /imagelist/{name}/entry
5. (Optional) Create a boot disk using the image that you added. POST /storage/volume/ (with the bootable parameter set to True)
6. (Optional) If you created a boot disk using the image, then check whether the boot disk is created. GET /storage/volume/{name}

After the volume is created, the status field shows online.

You can now create instances by using this image. See Creating Instances Using an Orchestration.

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