Cloning an Instance

To clone an instance, create a snapshot of the instance. A machine image is created which preserves all the changes made in the instance since launch. Add this new machine image to an image list, and then use it to create a new instance.

Task REST API Call
1. Create a snapshot request to preserve all the changes made in the instance since launch. A machine image is created. Note down the multi-part name of the snapshot request and the three-part name of the machine image. This information will be required in the next steps. POST /snapshot/
2. Check the progress of the asynchronous snapshot request. GET /snapshot/{name}
3. After the state of the snapshot request changes from active to complete, verify that a machine image has been created. GET /machineimage/{name}
3. Create an image list. POST /imagelist/
4. Add the image that was created by the snapshot as an entry in the image list that you just created. POST /imagelist/{name}/entry
5. (Optional) Create a boot disk using the image that you added. POST /storage/volume/(with the bootable parameter set to True)
6. (Optional) If you created a boot disk using the image, then check whether the boot disk is created. GET /storage/volume/{name}

After the volume is created, the status field shows online.

You can now create instances by using this image. See Creating Instances Using an Orchestration.

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