ACLs REST Endpoints

Access Control List (ACL) is a collection of security rules. You can use ACLs to control the traffic between instances. To control traffic from and to Compute Classic instances, you can apply ACLs to:

* virtual NICs of Compute Classic instances in the same IP network

* virtual NICs of a transit node, such as the VPN gateway or Internet gateway node

The default ACL allows traffic to all virtual NICs in an IP network.

Create an ACL
Method: post
Path: /network/v1/acl/
Delete an ACL
Method: delete
Path: /network/v1/acl/{name}
Retrieve Details of all ACLs in a Container
Method: get
Path: /network/v1/acl/{container}/
Retrieve Details of an ACL
Method: get
Path: /network/v1/acl/{name}
Update an ACL
Method: put
Path: /network/v1/acl/{name}