IPNetworks REST Endpoints

An IP network allows you to define an IP subnet in your account. The size of the IP subnet and the set IP addresses in the subnet are determined by the IP address prefix that you specify while creating the IP network. These IP addresses aren't part of the common pool of Oracle-provided IP addresses used by the shared network. When you add an instance to an IP network, the instance is assigned an IP address in that subnet. You can assign IP addresses to instances either statically or dynamically, depending on your business needs. So you have complete control over the IP addresses assigned to your instances. For more information, see Managing IP Networks in Using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute Classic
Create an IP Network
Method: post
Path: /network/v1/ipnetwork/
Delete an IP Network
Method: delete
Path: /network/v1/ipnetwork/{name}
Retrieve Details of all IP Networks in a Container
Method: get
Path: /network/v1/ipnetwork/{container}/
Retrieve Details of an IP Network
Method: get
Path: /network/v1/ipnetwork/{name}
Update an IP Network
Method: put
Path: /network/v1/ipnetwork/{name}