PrivateGateways REST Endpoints

Create a private gateway when you want to set up a private data connection between subnets in your premises and IP networks in your Compute Classic account through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect Classic edge routers.

These endpoints are not available on Oracle Cloud Machine.

Create a Private Gateway
Method: post
Path: /network/v1/privategateway/
Delete a Private Gateway
Method: delete
Path: /network/v1/privategateway/{name}
Retrieve Details of a Private Gateway
Method: get
Path: /network/v1/privategateway/{name}
Retrieve Details of all Private Gateways in a Container
Method: get
Path: /network/v1/privategateway/{container}/
Retrieve Names of all Private Gateways and Subcontainers in a Container
Method: get
Path: /network/v1/privategateway/{container}
Update a Private Gateway
Method: put
Path: /network/v1/privategateway/{name}